November 3    Dentistry Transition & Management Seminar

 Registration begins at 8:30am. Seminar from 9:00 to 12:30.  Earn 3  CE credits while learning about the Do’s and Do Not’s in Planning,  Financing, and Equipping Your Practice. This is a small groups  workshop with experts to discuss important aspects of your career.    $20 Members and $50 nonmembers. (No Retirees). IDDS office,  8780 Purdue Rd.  Hosted by the IDDS New Dentists Committee.

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​​​​​ January 25   Dental Day at the Capitol

 Contact the IDA at 317-634-2610 or go to their website to register.    This is an important event that allows you personal time with your  legislators.  Lobbyists are always there pushing their dental agendas  to legislators, so this is a chance for you to have open discussion of  your opinions regarding dentistry’s future.

member events

 Oct. 6   Ethics

 Ethics Seminar at Hillcrest Country Club, 6098 Fall Creek  Road.    Effective for this licensing period ending March 1,  2018, dentists and  dental hygienists must receive 2 ce  credits.  This will fulfill your  licensure requirement.    Remember that Ethics is required of every  member before  your license expires at the end of February, 2018    Dentists  and Hygienists Welcome.  Seminar is from 9-11a.m. 2 CE’s  awarded.  Cost is $10/person. Register by September 28.

 Sept. 19  Continuing Education Study Club

 “Proper Charting and Progress Notes—These can be your  best friend or your worst enemy!” Speaker is Karen Rogers,  Compliance and Privacy Officer, IUSD. Dentists, Hygienists  and Dental Assistants Welcome.  Cost is $10/person.    Deadline is Friday, September 15.   

 September 2017 Events

 Sept. 4           Holiday
 Sept. 11         IDDS Board of Directors Mtg.
 Sept. 13         Retiree Breakfast
 Sept. 14         President’s Fall Workshop
 Sept. 19         Continuing Education Seminar

 Sept. 21         New Dentists Social-Big Woods 
 Sept. 26         Membership Committee Mtg.

 Sept. 14   President’s Fall Workshop
 Active (not retired) Members Only. Topic: “Oral Cancer Panel  Discussion”.    Guest Speaker, Dr. Don-John Summerlin. Dr.  Summerlin will be joined by  Head and Neck Surgeon, Dr. Avinash  Mantravadi and Radiation Oncologist,  Dr. Mark Langer.   Location is  The Garrison Conference Center, 6002 N. Post  Road.  Buffet dinner  at 6:30p.m. Workshop is from 7-9p.m..  2 CE’s. No  charge to  members if registered.  Registration is required by September 1.

​​​​​ January 19   OSHA/CPR

 Hillcrest Country Club, 6098 Fall Creek Road. Please  register  yourself and your staff at  or  contact Heather  Parton at IDA (317) 634-2610!!  Lunch will  be served to those  attending both OSHA and CPR.  OSHA is  from 9-11a.m.  Note: CPR  is now extended an additional  hour due to American Red Cross  requirements, so it will be  from 11:30-3:30.  

 October 2017 Events

 Oct. 4               Fall GMM
 Oct. 6               Ethics Seminar
 Oct. 10             New Dentists Committee Mtg.
 Oct. 11             Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. 
 Oct. 13             OSHA/CPR at Hillcrest CC
 Oct. 15             Election Ballots Return 
 Oct. 19-23       ADA Annual Session, Atlanta
 Oct. 20             Dateline Deadline for Winter 
 Oct. 30             Officers Mtg., 6:30p.m.

 November 2017 Events

 Nov. 3    CE-Dentistry Transition & Mgmt
 Nov. 8    Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m.
 Nov. 9    CE-Changes-Expected or Unexpected
 Nov. 13  IDDS Board of Directors Mtg.

 August 2017 Events

 Aug. 9         Retiree Breakfast

 Aug. 28       Officers Mtg., 6:30p.m.
 Aug. 31       Nominations Deadline

​​​ December 2017 Events

 Dec. 22-30   Holiday

 November 9    CE-Changes-Expected or Unexpected 

 Life Changes Seminar- ‘Planned or Unexpected, What do we do?’    Registration and dinner from 5:30-6:30. Earn 3 CE credits. Are you  prepared for the operational changes of your practice with insurance,  a will, financial planning and what happens with your family’s future  upon your retirement or sudden death? Spouses are welcome.  $20  Members/Spouses $50 nonmembers/others. (No Retirees). IDDS  office, 8780 Purdue Rd.  Hosted by the IDDS New Dentists  Committee.

 Oct. 4    Fall General Membership Meeting

 Guest Speaker:  Dr. Ted Parks.  Topic: “Forensic Dentistry”.    Recognition of 5 & 10 Year Members.  The Garrison Conference  Center.   6002 N. Post Road.  Social Hour 5:30.  Dinner and  Business Meeting at 6:30. Register by September 26.

​​​​​ January 26   Ethics Seminar

 At Hillcrest Country Club, 6098 Fall Creek Road.  Effective for this  licensing period ending March 1, 2018, dentists and dental hygienists  must receive 2 ce credits.  This will fulfill your licensure  requirement.  Remember that Ethics is required of every member  before your license expires at the end of February, 2018   Dentists  and Hygienists Welcome.  Seminar is from 9-11a.m. 2 CE’s  awarded.  Cost is $10/person.  Contact  to register or call IDDS at 317/471-8131.  Registration deadline is  January 19.

​​​​ January 2018 Events

 Jan. 1         Holiday-Office Closed
 Jan. 10       Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m.
 Jan. 19       OSHA/CPR at Hillcrest CC
 Jan. 22       Officers Mtg., 6:30p.m.

 Jan. 25       Dental Day at the Capitol
 Jan. 26       Ethics at Hillcrest Country Club, 9a.m.