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​   Mar. 11     Dental Day at the Capitol
  Contact IDA at 317/634-2610 to Register.  Remember,   insurance companies and others have full-time lobbyists who   promote their own agendas.  You have one annual opportunity   to meet personally with your legislator to give him/her your   point of view.   Please take advantage of this and contact the   IDA to register NOW!

 October 12    OSHA/BLS at Hillcrest CC  
 Please register yourself and your staff at or   contact Heather Parton at IDA (317) 634-2610!!  Lunch will be   served   to those attending both OSHA and BLS.

​​​  June Events

 June 7         Past Presidents Breakfast
 June 12       Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. LePeep
 June 12-15  IDA Annual Session at French Lick
 June 24       IDDS Board of Directors Mtg., 6:30p.m.

member events

​ ​​ March Events

 Mar. 8       OSHA-BLS at Hillcrest CC

 Mar. 11     Dental Day at the Capitol
 Mar. 13     Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. LePeep

 Mar. 13     Spring GMM at The Garrison

​​​ November Events

 Nov. 12          IDDS Board of Directors Mtg., 6:30p.m.
 Nov. 14          Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. LePeep 
 Nov. 22-23     Holiday

​​​ February Events

 Feb. 1         Ethics Seminar, 9-11a.m., HCC
 Feb. 13       Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. LePeep
 Feb. 16       Networking Seminar 
 Feb. 28       Women Dentists Seminar

​  Mar. 8       OSHA-BLS at Hillcrest CC Country Club 

 6098 Fall Creek Road.   Please register yourself and  your staff   at  or contact  Heather Smith at IDA   (317) 634-2610!!  Lunch will be  served to those attending   both  OSHA and BLS.  OSHA   is from 9-11a.m.  Note: BLS is   now extended an   additional hour due to American Red Cross   requirements, so it will be from 11:30-3:30.  

​​​  April Events

 Apr. 8         IDDS Board of Directors Mtg., 6:30p.m.
 Apr. 17       Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. LePeep
 Apr. 19       Dateline Deadline for Summer Edition

 Feb. 1         Ethics Seminar

​ Hillcrest Country Club, 6098 Fall Creek Road.  Effective for this   licensing period ending March 1, 2020, dentists and dental   hygienists must receive 2 ce credits.  This will fulfill your  licensure   requirement.  Remember that Ethics is required of   every  member   before your license expires on February 28, 2020.    All Dentists and   All Hygienists Welcome.  Seminar is from 9-   11a.m. 2 CE’s awarded.   Cost is $10/person.  Registration   deadline  is January 24.

​​​ October Events

 Oct. 10         Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. LePeep 
 Oct. 12         OSHA/BLS at Hillcrest CC
 Oct. 18-22    ADA Annual Session, Honolulu
 Oct. 18          Dateline Deadline for Winter Edition
 Oct. 29          Officers Mtg., 6:30p.m.

 January 18   OSHA/BLS at Hillcrest CC  

 REGISTER NOW.  OSHA/BLS at Hillcrest Country Club,  6098   Fall Creek Road.   Please register yourself and your  staff at  or contact Heather Smith at IDA 

 (317)  634-2610!!  Lunch will be served to those   attending   both OSHA and BLS.  OSHA is from 9-11a.m.  Note: BLS is  now   extended an additional hour due to  American Red   Cross   requirements, so it will be from  11:30-  3:30.  

​​​ December Events

 Dec. 22-31     Holiday
 Dec. 21          Dateline Deadline for Spring Edition

​​​ January Events

 Jan. 1      Holiday
 Jan. 9      Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. LePeep
 Jan. 17    2018 Leadership Reception (Invitation Only)
 Jan. 18    OSHA-BLS at Hillcrest CC
 Jan. 24    4th Year Students Transitions Workshop
 Jan. 28    IDDS Board of Directors Mtg., 6:30p.m.

​​​  May Events

 May 3         Ethics Seminar at HCC 9-11a.m.
 May 8         Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. LePeep
 May 27       Holiday

 Feb. 16       Networking Seminar

 ​Indianapolis Convention Center. 10a.m. to 1p.m.  Come and   network with your peers.  If you have a practice to sell, need an   associate, or just want to visit and socialize with your colleagues,   please join us.  Must be registered to attend—cannot just show   up that day without registering ahead of time.  Good food,     wonderful door prizes! Statewide Members in Active Practice   Only —no Retirees or Nonmembers.  Contact IDDS to register  now   at or call us at 317-471-8131.   Registration Deadline February 1.

​  Mar. 13     Spring GMM at The Garrison

 Recognition of 25 through 65 Year Members.  Guest speaker   Dr. Joe Crowley, ADA Immediate Past President.  Also   attending will be Dr. Dan Fridh, IDA President. The Garrison   Conference Center 6002 N. Post Road.  Social Hour 5:30.     Dinner and Business Meeting at 6:30.   Contact IDDS to   register by March 4.