Serving the community

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The Indianapolis District Dental Society funds and maintains dental exhibits on good oral health care and establishes educational displays for the community.​

 Indianapolis District Dental Society members are dedicated to providing accurate information and quality dental care to the community. Who you get your information from can be just as important as what you are told.

The Indianapolis District Dental Society is…

A professional association of dentists committed to the enhancement of the oral health education and dental welfare of the public.

An established tradition of integrity and care since it was founded in 1878.

Committed to the promotion of professionalism and quality in dentistry.

Dedicated to putting the entire dental team on your side with on-going continuing education.

The local component society of the American Dental Association and the Indiana Dental Association.

A society of more than 1000 members representing general dentistry and the eight specialties recognized by the ADA.


Educating the community

Caring for the community

The Indianapolis District Dental Society provides referrals to the public needing a dentist for consultation and treatment. Unlike most referral organizations, the Indianapolis District Dental Society assesses no fees to either the public or the dentist for referrals.

The Indianapolis District Dental Society is committed to sustaining the most capable dental professionals available to serve the needs of the community.

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Indianapolis District Dental Society members are licensed by the State of Indiana and ascribe to the strict Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct of the ADA.

The peer and judicial review processes of the Indianapolis District Dental Society mediate patient complaints and adjudicate professional violations of members. Dentistry is a self-regulating profession and these guidelines benefit patients and the public at large.

Since 1878, the Indianapolis District Dental Society has sponsored numerous dental CE programs letting our area dentists expand their knowledge in the field, be it improved technology, intensive lectures or hands-on training. 

These distinctive CE lectures and workshops allow dental professionals to update their skills, expand their knowledge and elevate the quality of care provided to all patients.



Benefiting the community