Dental Education

Drinks Destroy Teeth App’s smart and fun interactive labs teach how much acid and sugar can be found in popular drinks. A 3D mouth demonstrates plaque, white spot lesions, decay, and acid erosion. The App is a contemporary teaching tool in the dental office and classroom.  

See for free acid and sugar pages in English and Spanish. The Drinks Destroy Teeth App launched by the Indiana Dental Association in June 2015 is the first public health App by a state dental association.

lifetime learning

The IDDS recruits internationally recognized speakers to deliver dynamic continuing education programs each year. One-day seminars minimize out-of-office time and feature low tuition costs. These seminars are great ways to meet the requirements of Indiana dentists who now need 20 hours of continuing education for relicensure every two years. We even track your Continuing Education progress to make sure you keep your license.


state and federal levels

The tripartite power of the Indianapolis District Dental Society, the Indiana Dental Association, and the American Dental Association offer you even more benefits. From a listing of the ADA website as a member dentist to news about economic, social, and political issues facing dentists, we have all of your bases covered.

active and involved

We help dentists serve in the community by sponsoring special events like the Children's Dental Health Fair and Dental Blitz: an opportunity to serve impoverished citizens who can't normally afford a dentist. You can build bridges to your community and really make a difference with some help from the IDDS.

 Prescription pads

Prescription pads are available to our members at a reasonable price. Our office puts them together, and they are mailed to your office within the next few days.

Patient referral

You want your practice to grow. We can help you make it happen. We get calls every day from patients looking for dentists in their area. Joining our referral service can help us to bring patients to you.


We keep an active and current list of the members who are looking for associates and those who are looking for associateships. This also includes those who wish to sell or buy a practice.

building relationships

Whether it's a golf outing, a special event, or dinner and cocktails before our membership meetings, the IDDS is committed to bringing you closer to local colleagues who become great resources and friends. Our pictorial roster helps you find your fellow members quickly and easily.

Continuing Education 

A variety of continuing education opportunities that increase your knowledge and expertise. ADA/IDA/IDDS educational resources and materials are available to help you with every aspect of your practice. Discounts on patient education and practice management products. The availability to socialize with colleagues at member meetings, workshops, & programs.  

the political arena

Dentists have political issues at local, state, and federal levels. We keep you informed, active, and get elected officials on your side. Plus, we keep you informed of all of our events and news with a free subscription to the IDDS newsletter, "Dateline."

Expert peer review

In the event that you hit a bump on the road, the IDDS will set up a peer review board to come to a fair decision. Patients have problems. Sometimes they need action. We're here to help you and your patients get fair treatment.